Fun Facts About Horses
Horses are full of charisma, charm, and personality—but they are also full of wondrous secrets, mysteries, and fascinating facts. Since they are easily trained to work closely with humans, it’s easy to forget horses are wild animals. In fact, if a domesticated horse is let loose, it is said that they quickly shed their domesticated coat and adapt to living life on the wild side. Their ability to adapt can also be attributed to their intelligence; horses are much smarter than the world gives them credit for! Anyone who has ever made friends with a horse knows the proof is in the saddle—where horses can practically read our minds, and tricks learned a decade ago, are still strongly implanted in the soles of their hooves.

Three Steps to Effective Clicker Horse Training
Do you want to know the 3 easy steps on how to employ clicker horse training Clicker horse training has been proven to be very effective

Beginner Horse Training Tips
Do you want tips on beginner horse training You're in the right place

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